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Young Hollywood Awards – 20.05.11

I’ve added 23 pics of Kat at the Young Hollywood Awards on May 20th, where she presented an award to the cast of Pretty Little Liars.

: Here’s a little interview Hollywood Life from the red carpet where Kat talks about meeting Justin Bieber. Thanks to @CocoGraham for the head’s up.

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MTV Style chats with Kat about her Style & Fave Designers

MTV Style caught up with Kat to chat in detail about her style and favourite designers.

Let’s talk about The Vampire Diaries. We’re HUGE fans, but we definitely see differences between your character Bonnie’s style and your personal style. We’re not bugging, right? Do you find it frustrating at all?

Kat Graham: [Laughs] “No, I think it’s awesome that the wardrobe department has specific ideas for each character. For mine, they went for a very earthy, hippie, embroidered shirts, loafers, natural curly hair and I love that I’m part of a character that has a defined style. It’s great to see actors dress like a character instead of like themselves. It’s funny, on set, in those clothes, everyone calls me Bonnie. And then, when I’m dressed as myself with some torn tights and leopard shorts or something insane, they know that that’s Kat.”

So you’re heavily involved in what you’ll wear.

“Of course, I work with Brett Alan who’s an amazing stylist but I’ll send him the laundry list like, ‘These are my favorite designers, these are the people I live for and I want to wear them.’”

Name some of the laundry list.

“I love Manish Arora. I don’t even want to say what I would do for a Manish Arora dress. I can’t even… I love Raphael Young shoes and I also really love Jeremy Scott. Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, The Blonds.”

Yeah. You don’t exactly smack of that “courtesy of the gifting suite” vibe that you get from some thespian ladies.

“People automatically assume that because you’re an actor you’re a blank canvas 24/7. But I can’t wear what everyone else wears. If I went to an audition, I’d wear what the character would wear, but the moment I’m done with the audition or done filming, I go back into my high-waisteds.”

It’s surprising to me that you have a stylist at all. It must be a somewhat unorthodox relationship.

“Brett reached out to my manager and my manager said, ‘Well, Kat dresses herself, she’s not interested blablabla,’ because I’d never worked with anyone before who not only knew fashion, but who knew designers, who knew pieces from archives, and who knew their stuff. But then I met Brett, and he did. He’s young, too. Only 23.”

Read the full interview over at MTV Style.

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New Sneak Peek from ‘Honey 2′!

Sugarscape just put up this exclusive new clip from the movie. Check it out below! ‘Honey 2′ comes out June 10th in the UK and June 23rd for Sweden.

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Video Interview Round-Up

Kat lends a hand to help relief aid for Japan with Shenae Grimes’ charity, Spread the Heart.

In this video, she chatted with XiXi Yang from about fashion, music, the season finale of “The Vampire Diaries”, and who are fave people to follow on Twitter are.

Finally, a here’s a video from the Fashion Patrol, with Kat and Malese Jow talking about fashion and upcoming projects.

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Behind the Scenes of “I Want It All”

source: Kat’s Youtube

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Kat at Candice Accola’s Birthday Celebration – 15.05.11

Kat, along with TVD co-stars Kayla Ewell, Matt Davis and Zach Roerig attended Candice Accola’s Birthday party held by the AIX Armani Exchange and Turn the Corner Foundation at the W in Los Angeles on May 15th. Looks like they had a lot of fun. I’ve added 51 MQ pics to the gallery.

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Events > 2011 > AlX Armani Exchange Celebrates Candice Accola’s Birthday With Turn The Corner Foundation – 15.05.11

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The Bash Charity Event – 14.05.11

Kat also attended The Bash Charity Event hosted by Shenae Grimes last night, May 14th. Thanks to The Fashion Patrol some of the pics.

UPDATE: Added more pics.

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Events > 2011 > The Bash Charity Event – 14.05.11

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KIIS FM’s Wango Tango Concert – 14.05.11

Kat attended KISS FM’s Wango Tango Concert last night, May 14th. Pics have been added to the gallery.

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Events > 2011 > KIIS FM’s Wango Tango Concert – 14.05.11

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Gallery Updates + Upcoming Photoshoot with Disfunkshion Magazine

Bunch of updates today! I’ve added the screencaps from the Vampire Diaries finale, 177 HD caps. See you back in September when the show returns! :)
Also, I’ve added some new candids of Kat leaving the Vampire Diaries Finale Party at the Variety Bar in Hollywood on May 12th.

Lastly, many thanks to Mi-yahhh for the heads’ up, I’ve found out that Kat will be on the cover of the fall issue of Disfunkshion Magazine. Photographer Harold Julian put up this behind-the-scenes video of the magazine with clips of Kat during the shoot on his site. I’ve added the caps to the gallery. Can’t wait to see the actual photos!

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Captures > Photoshoots > Disfunkshion Magazine 2011 Fall Cover BTS

NB: Due to the large influx of new pictures this past week, I’ve re-arranged the gallery to show more of the recently updated albums. The last uploaded pictures are now located after the category list, just scroll down to view them.