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New Layout – Version 4

For those following the site on Twitter, you may have heard me going on and on about changing the theme for some weeks now. It’s been mostly ready for over 2 weeks, but I had some issues that prevented me from putting the site up. Anyway, long story short, it’s here. Version 4, aka 90′s Groove. I really wanted to use Kat’s Nylon Shoot, and I felt it worked with a fairly retro theme of the mid-nineties, lots of black and bright colours. Also, it’s Kat’s favourite time period! I created two sidebars, to accomodate all the stuff Kat’s doing (she’s a busy girl!), and I’ve added a bunch of stuff, including spotlights on her latest projects, both music and acting wise. I’ve also added an Upcoming Appearances section.

Other than the site theme, I’ve been editing some of the pages, and I’ve now put up a dedicated Discography page, where you can view all of Kat’s videos and download her music from iTunes. I’m still working on her Filmography page, and will be updating that properly over time.
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News Roundup – 10.06.11

So much new stuff rolling in over the past couple of days:

  • Twitter user, @LoveFades, posted two scans from German movie magazine KinoNews, featuring Kat in a previously unseen poster for Honey 2. I’ve added them to the gallery.
    credit: @Lovefadescredit: @Lovefades
  • Honey 2 hits UK theatres today! Check out another clip at Female First (can’t embed) and check out even more new stills with Kat in the gallery.
  • More Honey 2 release dates have come out: Slovenia – July 7th and Germany – June 23rd.
  • Kat spoke to AOL Music about her new single and her music.
  • Is ‘I Want It All’ inspired by what you want out of your love life or your professional life?

    ‘I Want It All’ is inspired by both my love and professional life. I do think it’s possible to have a happy ending with both, and also maintain self-sufficiency. It’s a fun tongue-in-cheek song but centers around independence and control.

    What kind of album are you hoping to make? What will it sound like? Who are your biggest influences?

    I’m hoping that in the end the album will carry the message of female empowerment, [and] the sound to be a mix of vintage ’90s dance melodies and memorable pop.

    Read the full article over at AOL Music

  • She will be presenting at the Much Music Video Awards in Canada on Sunday, June 19th. She’ll be joining co-stars Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev who will also be presenting.
  • She will also be featured on 102.7 KIIS FM’s Weekend Mix Tape Chat Ustream on Friday, June 10th. Exact time hasn’t been given, but follow us on Twitter and we’ll keep you posted.
  • 'The Vampire Diaries' | Interviews

    TVD Stars Talk to AOLTV about Romance, Ghosts and Season 3

    Kat, Steven R. McQueen and Candice Accola spoke to AOLTV’s Laura Prudom last week while in London about the show and their characters. Kat offfered up a tentative return date for Season 3: September 8th.

    Even though Jeremy will be facing fresh challenges with his newfound abilities, McQueen and Graham don’t see the twist as a sign that trouble is ahead for Jeremy and Bonnie. “I don’t know if the whole seeing dead people thing will affect that [relationship],” McQueen confessed. “But at the end, Bonnie admits her love for him. I don’t see them pulling apart at any time soon, I see things hopefully growing stronger.”

    On the subject of the pair’s longevity, Graham observed that, despite the slight age difference between their characters, fans seem to have really connected with Bonnie and Jeremy’s romance.

    “At first I think they were a little shocked by it, they were like, ‘wait — they grew up together and all of a sudden they like each other?’ It was a slow boil,” she admitted. “There was the awkward sexual tension in the beginning and the fans, by the end of it, were really rooting for the characters to get together. They went on the journey with us, I think.”

    “And she couldn’t help herself,” McQueen teasingly interjected.

    “Yeah, Jeremy makes Bonnie weak in the knees,” Graham laughed.

    Read the full interview over at AOL TV

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    New Photoshoots + Honey 2 Still

    I’ve added a few new outtakes of Kat’s photoshoot with Robert Ector, check out his work at Taylor Ector Studios. I’ve also added a new still from Honey 2, thanks as usual to the Honey 2 Facebook page.

    Gallery Link
    Photshoots > 2011 > #005
    Photshoots > 2011 > #006
    Movies > Honey 2 > Stills

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    News Roundup: 05.06.11

    Just took the fans to get cupcakes! Thank you guys for everything!!! - Kat

  • Bienvenue! Looks like Kat’s left London! She recently tweeted that she was in Paris with her boyfriend for his birthday. Enjoy France, Kat!
  • Upcoming Photoshoot: Speaking of London, we’ve got some unconfirmed info that Kat, Steven and Candice took part in a photoshoot for OK! Magazine, so keep an eye out for that! However, please be aware that this is still a rumour.
  • Eyecon: Kat’s been confirmed to attend Eyecon, a Vampire Diaries convention held in Atlanta, along with co-star Nina Dobrev. She will participating in a Q&A, photo op and autograph sessions, Banquet and Sixties Dance. The convention will be holding from October 28th – 30th. For more details, visit the Eyecon Website.
  • Upcoming appearance: Kat will be performing at the LA LGBT Pride Festival, in West Hollywood which willl run from June 10th to 12th. Her performance will be at 6.15pm on June 12th. Other artists scheduled to appear include Mya, Estelle and Margaret Cho. For more details visit LA Pride.
  • Honey 2: With only a few days to the UK release of Honey 2, more clips have surfaced. Flavour Mag has put up this new dance clip of Maria and the HDS.
  • Candids | Image Gallery

    More Pics of Kat in London Added

    Thanks a lot to for the pics!

    Gallery Links
    Candids > 2011 > OUTSIDE HER HOTEL IN LONDON – 02.06.11

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    Honey 2 Update

    Officially a week to Honey 2′s debut in theaters and we’re getting excited! The Official Honey 2 Facebook has posted another still and we’ve gotten our hands on another clip in the movie, courtesty of RWDMag. UK fans go see it June 10th!

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    Gallery Update: Kat in London!

    I’ve added a bunch of new pics of Kat in London over the past couple of days. I’ve come across a lot of nice reports from fans about Kat, especially the story of how she took a whole bunch of fans out for cupcakes! She’s lovely. I added two sets of pictures for the album of her arriving at her hotel on June 1st because I got the pictures in both HQ and MQ, but the HQ were tagged. Thanks to Vampire Diaries Show for some of the other HQs.

    Check the pics out below.


    I’ve also added a few extra pics of Kat performing at Mur.Mur Nightclub

    Gallery Links
    Candids > 2011 > ARRIVING AT HER HOTEL IN LONDON – 30.05.11
    Candids > 2011 > GREETING FANS FROM HER HOTEL IN LONDON – 30.05.11
    Candids > 2011 > ARRIVING AT HER HOTEL IN LONDON – 01.06.11
    Events > 2011 > Performing at the Mur.Mur NightClub, Atlantic City – 28.05.11

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    Kat Performs at Mur Mur, Atlantic City, Goes Shopping

    Sorry for the lateness. Kat performed at the Mur.Mur Nightclub in Atlantic City on Saturday May 28th. I’ve added some pics from the event, as well as some pics of her the Just Cavalli Boutique to the gallery. Thanks to Kat for sharing the pics in such good quality.

    Gallery Links
    Events > 2011 > Performing at the Mur.Mur NightClub, Atlantic City – 28.05.11
    Events > 2011 > Just Cavalli boutique at The Water Club – 28.05.11