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New Photoshoots + Honey 2 Still

I’ve added a few new outtakes of Kat’s photoshoot with Robert Ector, check out his work at Taylor Ector Studios. I’ve also added a new still from Honey 2, thanks as usual to the Honey 2 Facebook page.

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News Roundup: 05.06.11

Just took the fans to get cupcakes! Thank you guys for everything!!! - Kat

  • Bienvenue! Looks like Kat’s left London! She recently tweeted that she was in Paris with her boyfriend for his birthday. Enjoy France, Kat!
  • Upcoming Photoshoot: Speaking of London, we’ve got some unconfirmed info that Kat, Steven and Candice took part in a photoshoot for OK! Magazine, so keep an eye out for that! However, please be aware that this is still a rumour.
  • Eyecon: Kat’s been confirmed to attend Eyecon, a Vampire Diaries convention held in Atlanta, along with co-star Nina Dobrev. She will participating in a Q&A, photo op and autograph sessions, Banquet and Sixties Dance. The convention will be holding from October 28th – 30th. For more details, visit the Eyecon Website.
  • Upcoming appearance: Kat will be performing at the LA LGBT Pride Festival, in West Hollywood which willl run from June 10th to 12th. Her performance will be at 6.15pm on June 12th. Other artists scheduled to appear include Mya, Estelle and Margaret Cho. For more details visit LA Pride.
  • Honey 2: With only a few days to the UK release of Honey 2, more clips have surfaced. Flavour Mag has put up this new dance clip of Maria and the HDS.
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    More Pics of Kat in London Added

    Thanks a lot to for the pics!

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    Candids > 2011 > OUTSIDE HER HOTEL IN LONDON – 02.06.11

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    Honey 2 Update

    Officially a week to Honey 2′s debut in theaters and we’re getting excited! The Official Honey 2 Facebook has posted another still and we’ve gotten our hands on another clip in the movie, courtesty of RWDMag. UK fans go see it June 10th!

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    Gallery Update: Kat in London!

    I’ve added a bunch of new pics of Kat in London over the past couple of days. I’ve come across a lot of nice reports from fans about Kat, especially the story of how she took a whole bunch of fans out for cupcakes! She’s lovely. I added two sets of pictures for the album of her arriving at her hotel on June 1st because I got the pictures in both HQ and MQ, but the HQ were tagged. Thanks to Vampire Diaries Show for some of the other HQs.

    Check the pics out below.


    I’ve also added a few extra pics of Kat performing at Mur.Mur Nightclub

    Gallery Links
    Candids > 2011 > ARRIVING AT HER HOTEL IN LONDON – 30.05.11
    Candids > 2011 > GREETING FANS FROM HER HOTEL IN LONDON – 30.05.11
    Candids > 2011 > ARRIVING AT HER HOTEL IN LONDON – 01.06.11
    Events > 2011 > Performing at the Mur.Mur NightClub, Atlantic City – 28.05.11

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    Kat Performs at Mur Mur, Atlantic City, Goes Shopping

    Sorry for the lateness. Kat performed at the Mur.Mur Nightclub in Atlantic City on Saturday May 28th. I’ve added some pics from the event, as well as some pics of her the Just Cavalli Boutique to the gallery. Thanks to Kat for sharing the pics in such good quality.

    Gallery Links
    Events > 2011 > Performing at the Mur.Mur NightClub, Atlantic City – 28.05.11
    Events > 2011 > Just Cavalli boutique at The Water Club – 28.05.11

    Honey 2 | Videos

    More Clips from ”Honey 2′

    SkyMovies put up this new clip from the movie, Honey 2. Don’t forget it hits UK theatres on June 10th!

    In this world exclusive clip, Luis, leader of rival dance crew 718s and dangerous ex-boyfriend of Maria, tries to lure the impressionable Tina away from Maria and the HDs.

    UPDATE: Added another clip. Thanks to @Honey2TheMovie for the heads’ up.

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    Social Networking Updates

  • Kat uploaded this cute new pic to Twitter yesterday. View it in full either in the gallery or on her Twitpic account.
  • She also posted this sweet message to her fans on her Twitter:
  • I love my fans… I love you guys so much. I read your posts, your tweets, and most of you should be getting your emails replied tomorrow. thank you so much for everything… from the bottom of my heart. you inspire me…and I’m addicted to tumblr thanks to you guys!

  • She uploaded a new remix to her Youtube page: for “I Want It All” (Bruno Knauer remix) as well as a fun little accompanying video she made while in Las Vegas. View the video, and get the download link for the mp3 here.
  • And lastly, if you have a Tumblr account go ahead and follow her here:! She’s looking for people to follow.
  • ok I need people to follow on tumblr lol I goof off on it when I’m bored ha

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    Melissa Molinaro Concert in LA – 24.05.11

    As I mentioned earlier, Kat attended the concert of Honey 2 co-star Melissa Molinaro last night, May 24th. I’ve added a few pics below.

    UPDATE: Added a clip of her introducing Melissa.

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    Events > 2011 > Melissa Molinaro In Concert, LA – 24.05.11