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‘Honey 2′ Bluray Screencaps

Sorry this took so long, I ran out of space on the site, and making updates has been hard. I’ve added over 1200 HD caps of Kat in Honey 2.

UPDATE: Sorry the caps are out of order. It was a numbering error on my end. Unfortunately I can’t fix it without deleting, renaming and uploading everything again. For now, best I can suggest is viewing the album through this link and going backwards.

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“Dance Fu” & “Honey 2″ Release Dates

Huge thanks to commenter, Lady Day, for bringing this to my attention. Kat’s comedy, ‘Dance Fu’ will be released on DVD and VOD on October 4th in the US. No word yet on if the DVD will have any special features. It’s now available for pre-order on

Also, ‘Honey 2′ will be out on DVD in the UK and the US on October 24th (not yet available for order).

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Making of ‘Honey 2′ [VIDEO]

The Honey 2 Twitter brought to our attention this German-dubbed Making of.. clip from the movie. Unfortunately it’s entirely in German, sorry!

View video here! (embed disabled)

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New Videos: MMVA Interview and BTS of Kevin Hammond’s Video

Check out Kat’s press conference at the Much Music Video Awards on Sunday. She talks about her music, Honey 2 and the Vampire Diaries. Thanks to mi-yahhh for the heads’ up.

Also, I came across this behind-the-scenes video of Kat’s guest appearance in singer Kevin Hammond’s music video ‘Broken Down’ that they shot recently. I’ll be sure to post the actual video when it comes out!

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Honey 2: Interview, Gallery Updates and Weekend Box Office

Honey 2 debuted this weekend in the UK, entering the box office charts at #5. The movie made £520,654 over the weekend ending June 12, according to DigitalSpy.

Kat did a little chat with the Belfast Telegraph, talking about whether the movie will propel her to fame, like her predecessor.

Katerina Graham isn’t expecting Honey 2 to turn her into the next Jessica Alba.

The original dance movie propelled Jessica from a TV actress into a Hollywood talent, but Katerina – who plays lead character Maria Bennett – has no expectations that it will do the same for her career.

“If it does, then great, I hope that it does that for me, and for everyone in the cast – otherwise I am just as happy. Honey is one of my favourite films,” she said.

Full Article: Belfast Telegraph

I’ve also put up 8 new stills from the move via Honey 2.

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News Roundup – 10.06.11

So much new stuff rolling in over the past couple of days:

  • Twitter user, @LoveFades, posted two scans from German movie magazine KinoNews, featuring Kat in a previously unseen poster for Honey 2. I’ve added them to the gallery.
    credit: @Lovefadescredit: @Lovefades
  • Honey 2 hits UK theatres today! Check out another clip at Female First (can’t embed) and check out even more new stills with Kat in the gallery.
  • More Honey 2 release dates have come out: Slovenia – July 7th and Germany – June 23rd.
  • Kat spoke to AOL Music about her new single and her music.
  • Is ‘I Want It All’ inspired by what you want out of your love life or your professional life?

    ‘I Want It All’ is inspired by both my love and professional life. I do think it’s possible to have a happy ending with both, and also maintain self-sufficiency. It’s a fun tongue-in-cheek song but centers around independence and control.

    What kind of album are you hoping to make? What will it sound like? Who are your biggest influences?

    I’m hoping that in the end the album will carry the message of female empowerment, [and] the sound to be a mix of vintage ’90s dance melodies and memorable pop.

    Read the full article over at AOL Music

  • She will be presenting at the Much Music Video Awards in Canada on Sunday, June 19th. She’ll be joining co-stars Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev who will also be presenting.
  • She will also be featured on 102.7 KIIS FM’s Weekend Mix Tape Chat Ustream on Friday, June 10th. Exact time hasn’t been given, but follow us on Twitter and we’ll keep you posted.
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    New Photoshoots + Honey 2 Still

    I’ve added a few new outtakes of Kat’s photoshoot with Robert Ector, check out his work at Taylor Ector Studios. I’ve also added a new still from Honey 2, thanks as usual to the Honey 2 Facebook page.

    Gallery Link
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    Photshoots > 2011 > #006
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    News Roundup: 05.06.11

    Just took the fans to get cupcakes! Thank you guys for everything!!! - Kat

  • Bienvenue! Looks like Kat’s left London! She recently tweeted that she was in Paris with her boyfriend for his birthday. Enjoy France, Kat!
  • Upcoming Photoshoot: Speaking of London, we’ve got some unconfirmed info that Kat, Steven and Candice took part in a photoshoot for OK! Magazine, so keep an eye out for that! However, please be aware that this is still a rumour.
  • Eyecon: Kat’s been confirmed to attend Eyecon, a Vampire Diaries convention held in Atlanta, along with co-star Nina Dobrev. She will participating in a Q&A, photo op and autograph sessions, Banquet and Sixties Dance. The convention will be holding from October 28th – 30th. For more details, visit the Eyecon Website.
  • Upcoming appearance: Kat will be performing at the LA LGBT Pride Festival, in West Hollywood which willl run from June 10th to 12th. Her performance will be at 6.15pm on June 12th. Other artists scheduled to appear include Mya, Estelle and Margaret Cho. For more details visit LA Pride.
  • Honey 2: With only a few days to the UK release of Honey 2, more clips have surfaced. Flavour Mag has put up this new dance clip of Maria and the HDS.
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    Honey 2 Update

    Officially a week to Honey 2’s debut in theaters and we’re getting excited! The Official Honey 2 Facebook has posted another still and we’ve gotten our hands on another clip in the movie, courtesty of RWDMag. UK fans go see it June 10th!