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Kat visits Z100 in Portland

Kat is currently travelling across the country and visiting several radio stations to promote her newest single Power. Yesterday she stopped by Z100 in Portland and sat down with DJ Felix for an interview. They talked about the inspiration behind the song, The Vampire Diaries and dancing. The video ends with dance battle between Kat and Felix.

I also added some photos snapped during the interview.


Kat: Bonnie only has Jeremy

Kat talked to The Hollywood Reporter about Bonnie’s relationship with Jeremy, the other side and her possible return.

Bonnie Bennett is no longer alive. Where does this leave Mystic Falls’ dearly departed witch in season five of The Vampire Diaries?

In an emotional wrap-up to Bonnie’s story in the season four finale, Elena’s best friend sacrificed her own life in order to resurrect Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) from the dead. “The show starts where it left off,” actress Kat Graham says on a recent visit to The Hollywood Reporter video lounge, “where the only person that can see her is Jeremy because he can see dead people.”

Bonnie’s new state will be uncharted territory for the character when The CW drama returns in early October. Not only will she be forced to communicate solely with Jeremy, but her connections to her friends may begin to loosen. “She loves her friends and family and she can’t connect to them, and it creates an intimacy relying on one person as your connection to the one thing that matters the most to you,” Graham says. “It’s a really beautiful thing to see. She only has him (Jeremy) at this point.”

Now that Bonnie is firmly ingrained in “the other side,” Vampire Diaries will finally explore a world that has often only been mentioned. “That’s something new for the fans. They’ll be able to see that side that hasn’t been explored yet,” she says.

Full article here.

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Kat Visits 97.1 ZHT

Kat stopped by 97.1 ZHT earlier today. You can listen and download the full podcast here. The Vampire Diaries actress and singer talks her music, family and TV.

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TVGuide Magazine: San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Video

TV Guide has a new video from the Comic-Con. You can see behind the scenes of the photoshoot and stars having fun on TV Guide Magazine Yacht. The Vampire Diaries cast (Kat Graham, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, Candice Accola) answered a question (“What would be on the Comic-Con soundtrack?”) and introduced themselves.

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Hi guys!
First of all I owe you an apologize for not being around lately. There are so many news to post and new photos to add, but my holiday plans keep changing so often and somehow I’m not home at all. I have been volunteering and travelling for the last 3 weeks. Tomorrow I’m leaving again and will not be able to keep you updated for another week or two. However, this does not mean I won’t return at all-I admire Kat too much and can’t wait to be back.
Instead of several new posts, I thought I could just make one explaining it all and posting some news.

• As you probably know, Kat attended Comic Con International in San Diego last weekend. I have several HQ photos to add but since I’m running out of time, I can’t do it now. Will try to update this post asap. Meanwhile you can take a look at the full panel video.
• Her latest single, Power, will be available in a day! The countdown can be found here. The artwork (pictured right) is absolutely gorgeous. Don’t miss an exclusive interview this beautiful lady did with Just Jared!
• Yesterday, Katerina got spotted at a private event at Hyde Lounge for the Bruno Mars & Ellie Goulding concert hosted by AQUAhydrate.
• The Vampire Diaries cast is in Los Angeles right now. Candice Accola, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Katerina Graham, Zach Roerig, Michael Trevino, Steven R. McQueen and Nina Dobrev had TVD Season 5 promo photoshoot today. The CW team shared some behind the scenes pictures on Instagram: group shot featuring stunning Kat and Kat alone.

So let’s switch to the videos now…Please stop reading if you haven’t seen Season 5 finale yet.

From Zap2It:

Funny interview with the cast:

More about Bonnie & Jeremy, music and The Originals:

Talking about new character:

The sound on this one isn’t that good but it’s still a great interview:

Hopefully I’ll be able to add more soon.

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Fault Magazine – Aug 2012

Kat is featured in the August edition of Fault, and she looks amazing. She talks about her music career in the article, and how she got signed to Interscope, as well as her fashion. Check it out. I’ve added 5 digital scans.

Please credit if reposting, thanks

Past updates still coming fyi!

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Kat Graham Road To… Recording Studio, Episode 1

Check out this new webseries brought to you by Awesomeness TV, “Road to Recording Studio” which followed Kat during the recording of her EP, ‘Against the Wall’. New episodes come out on Tuesdays.

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News Catchup.

So, I have no real excuse for slacking on updates. I got sick and then when I got better I was a bit overwhelmed by all the new stuff. Sorry! But I’m catching up now.

MTV Movie Awards

  • I’ve previously uploaded the rest of the images from the MTV Movie Awards. As well as one pic of her at the Movie Awards after party here.
  • Watch Kat’s entire Red Carpet special (36 videos) over on MTV here.
  • Universal CityWalk show

  • I’ve also uploaded 80+ pics from Kat’s show at Universal CityWalk on June 8th.
  • Also, check out a red carpet interview from the Universal CityWalk event.
  • Perez Hilton, the guest MC, introduces her here.
  • Performing HeartKiller.
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  • Kat talks to MTV about ten things she’s obsessed with:
  • Chat with MSN WonderWall:
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    Kat talks about her new EP (VIDEO)

    Also, check out the Lyric video for Heart Killer below.