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New Video Interviews – VH1 + WPIX 11

Kat is currently in New York, shooting the new game show, ‘Hip Hop Squares’. While there, she sat down with VH1 on the Morning Buzz to talk about her music and Vampire Diaries. Check it out below:

And check out these lovely shots from VH1’s ‘Pass the Bowl’ interview series:

“Pass The Bowl” is VH1’s ongoing interview series, wherein celebrities contribute questions to our bowl and fellow celebs later draw a question.

Ana Gasteyer: Have you ever written a fan letter and if so, to whom? If not, who would you write one to?
Vampire Diaries’ Kat Graham: Ok, I have written a fan letter. It’s really embarrassing. I actually wrote it to Moby. He never wrote me back and I was really mortified. It was for the album “Play” and I was obsessed with him. He was the first person who got me into actual music production. I started making beats shortly after I was his fan.
Kat’s Question For The Bowl: If you could go on tour with anyone, who would it be?

source: VH1 Tumblr

Then this morning, she visited the WPIX 11 studios for a chat. Click picture to watch (cannot embed):

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