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WetPaint Interview: Kat ‘Humbled’ by Cast Support

Wetpaint talked to Kat at the Ripple Effect Charity dinner on Saturday and talked to her about the project and Vampire Diaries.

Why would you be so surprised that these people showed up for you?
I just thought that nobody cared about… water. I thought that nobody would care enough to come.

How does it make you feel that everyone is here?
Humbled, it makes me feel like everyone has the power to do something. I just used up the money from my savings to rent out the hotel and did everything just so I could prove to myself that I wanted to do something for somebody else. It’s amazing!
The Water Project is a small company, it’s not like a UNICEF, it’s not part of the UN, it’s something small that one man, Peter Chasse, decided to do. He goes to Africa and he drills these wells for people that don’t have access, who don’t even know what a camera looks like and who have never seen a faucet in their life. I wanted people to see that. I wanted people to see what I’ve seen.

You look fantastic. Do you have any style tips that you live by?
I am usually very, very crazy but I also wanted to make sure that it makes sense for the event. Because there is a time to be funky but it should feel natural, it should feel like it’s a part of you. When I saw this dress I said that this was something I thought was respectable to the event and I wanted it to make sense for the event.

What’s up next for Bonnie?
A love interest! And they just cast Persia White as my mother so I’m really excited about that kind of thing unraveling. They’re going to have to crack the code of something very important.

No more Bonnie and Jeremy? That’s all done?
I don’t know. As of right now I think so.

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